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  • Product Taste new and different food and drink products

"I like trying lots of different products, with new flavours, textures and experiences"

"I´ve made quite a few friends while attending the test, it´s a good atmosphere "

Would you?

Like to taste new and different food and drink products? Be ready to comment on how these products could be improved? Be able to tell us your views on a range of food and drink issues?

Could you?

Meet with us occasionally throughout the year at a location convenient to you, and/or complete an online survey from time to time.

If yes

We would like to invite you to join the Campden BRI Consumer Panel.

As a thank you we will provide between £5–£50 (depending on whether you take part in a taste test, focus group or online survey) in cash or shopping vouchers on each occasion you take part in a project.